16X20 inches (40.7 X 50.8 cm)
(canvas or paper stock)

A limited edition of 100 Giclée prints will be made on canvas and paper stock.

Each with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity from Raymond Aguilera and the Giclée master printmaker.

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United States Prices

Giclée Print on Rolled Art Paper Stock
Shipping & Handling
Giclée Print on Rolled Canvas Stock
Shipping & Handling
Giclée Canvas Print on stretcher bars
& sprayed with Archival Varnish
Shipping & Handling


11X14 inches (28 X 35.5 cm)
(signed by the artist only)

Giclée Print on Rolled Art Paper Stock
Shipping & Handling

California residents pay 8.7% sales tax.

International orders please email us at: for shipping information.

To order by mail; Send check or money order to:
Raymond Aguilera, PO Box 20517, El Sobrante, CA. 94820-0517, USA
Please add your email address with each order to confirm your order.
Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery


Hi Ray,
I personally like the Storm, because there are still little light in
darkness. The deceiver and Homeless are very good too.
I think paper would be easier to send than canvas.
Paula A.


Hi Ray,
my vote goes for Deceiver and Light in Darkness.
God bless, james.


Hi Ray,


I think that the deceiver is so living creature, like a nightmare in darkness, like satan waiting for moment to attack. It is scary.




hi Ray,

the other painting I ordered is an 11x14 of "sin with snake in pocket"

I chose the 2 snake pictures because they speak to me of: a) how cunning Satan is (a reminder to be on guard) and b) how evil and deadly sin is & that it's not something to be played with

i'll probably never get the chance to meet u in this life (altho i would very much like to), so let me just tell u right now I think it's really cool and it amuses me that the Lord picked u to be a prophet for Him because u're basically a nobody in the world's eyes and u didn't even want the job

thanx very much for being faithful to the Lord & doing what he tells u to do - your obedience has benefited me (and a zillion others) greatly





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