16x20 inches (40.7 X 50.8 cm)
(canvas or paper stock)

A limited edition of 100 Giclée prints will be made on canvas and paper stock.

Each with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity from Raymond Aguilera and the Giclée master printmaker.

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United States Prices

Giclée Print on Rolled Art Paper Stock
Shipping & Handling
Giclée Print on Rolled Canvas Stock
Shipping & Handling
Giclée Canvas Print on stretcher bars
& sprayed with Archival Varnish
Shipping & Handling


11X14 inches (28 X 35.5 cm)
(signed by the artist only)

Giclée Print on Rolled Art Paper Stock
Shipping & Handling

California residents pay 8.7% sales tax.

International orders please email us at: for shipping information.

To order by mail; Send check or money order to:
Raymond Aguilera, PO Box 20517, El Sobrante, CA. 94820-0517, USA
Please add your email address with each order to confirm your order.
Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery


Hi Ray;

I like most:

Communion and spiritual blindness.

I would prefer canvas.



Hi Ray,

Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I would like a price on each of them on paper  size 12X14. And  a price on the canvas same size if it's not too much trouble for you . I live in Galax, VA in USA. I feel like the Lord has His hands upon these paintings that's why He had you to paint them. I have looked at them so many times and I like them all. It's kind of hard to pick just one. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this.


God Bless you





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