Angry Tongue - James 3:6
16x20 inches (40.7 X 50.8 cm)

(canvas or paper stock)

A limited edition of 100 Giclée prints will be made on canvas and paper stock.

Each with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity from Raymond Aguilera and the Giclée master printmaker.

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Angry Tongue Giclée Print on Rolled Art Paper Stock
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Angry Tongue Giclée Print on Rolled Canvas Stock
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Angry Tongue Giclée Canvas Print on stretcher bars
& sprayed with Archival Varnish
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11X14 inches (28 X 35.5 cm)
(signed by the artist only)

Giclée Print on Rolled Art Paper Stock
Shipping & Handling

California residents pay 8.7% sales tax.

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Ray:  Is there a limit on how many you can choose from?  Personally, the ones with emotional impact that send a strong message are the ones I like the best.  These would be "Spiritually Blind" and the angry man who just does not want to hear about the Lord.  And, we must not forget that these would not only be for ourselves, but to give as GIFTS to friends and loved ones, as well.  Yes, I believe the ones that have strong emotional impact that send a strong message are the best ones.  No one is really going to be impacted by a pretty bowl of fruit.  A picture of a pretty bowl of fruit is common.  It would help us help you better, if we each would make a "gift list" in which we would like to buy one or several and give them as gifts to people we know that would benefit from them.  I'd love to send several people a terrific reproduction of the "spiritually Blind" picture.  I believe that one would wake them up to some truths.  Also, in your quest for other ideas to paint, if might help to ask yourself just "what" angers God the most?  Could it be, being so busy in our daily lives that we don't even invite him into it or even give HIM the time of day?  I know you are gifted with creative visualization.  I am but am not gifted in painting.

 Edie Porter


Greetings Ray,
I think the following paintings take the cake: 1st Spiritual blindness;
2nd the hobo (homeless man) 3rd the woman carrying candlelight, 4th the
angry tongue, 5th Spiritual warfare and 6th Sylvia. And these will be
more exquisite on a 45 x 60cm portrait painting. (I am afraid but I am
not conversant with the American metric system, things like yard, inches
Ray, the relax, the Lord is on your side every step of the way. Don't
feel small when challenges come, it is for your preparation and
spiritual growth. Rather rejoice when challenges come flooding in, and
know fully well that your exaltation and glory is right at your
doorstep. Yes, you cannot stop the enemy from fighting, BUT you CAN STOP
him from winning, for you have TWO GIANTS within you; in fact all true
worshippers and believers do. And these are Jesus Christ of Nazareth and
the Holy Spirit. Therefore, who do we fear, huh? No one and absolutely
nothing, BUT GOD ONLY, since the Word states expressly that, "The fear
of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and they who live by it grow in
understanding" (Psalm 111:10 NEB). So when God entrusts you with
something, be it a gift; or anything, or even burdening you with a
mammoth task to carry out, DO IT with zeal and joy, for He will NEVER
put you through something He knows that you would not be able to handle.
For He knows of our weaknesses and infirmities.
Let us know when the paintings have been reproduced and tell us the
price. I believe I will be the first one in the Eastern Cape, South
Africa to have one or two of your good artworks. For I do not know of
anyone in this part of the country who subscribes to the e-mail list.
Keep up the good work, and please the Lord even more.
Stay blessed,
Bongani Pityi
Bisho, Eastern Cape
South Africa




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